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Ogg Surgeon 2004 Pro

Visual Waveform display of Oggs for accurate and easy editing

Visual Waveform display of the Ogg allows you to easily edit your Oggs, take further advantage of this with the Micro Zoom feature for very precise editing.

Support for all Oggs including very large Oggs even those 100's of Mega Bytes in size.

Very fast editing with no loss of quality and no need for re-encoding the Oggs with full support for Ogg Tags.
Visual Ogg Editor

Use the Split Wizard for fast and easy Ogg splitting

Split Wizard allows you to split your Oggs in various ways including: by total number of parts, by the play length of each split part and by the file size of each part.

You can use the Split Wizard to fit your Oggs onto any media size; from Zip Disks to 80min CDRs.

Automatically split your Ogg tracks with the CUE Sheet splitter. Use the Micro Zoom and Preview Playback to check each of your split points before splitting.
Split Wizard

Join multiple Oggs together into a single Ogg track

Our Join Wizard makes it very easy for you to take multiple Oggs and join them together. Just simply drag and drop your Oggs and order them as required.

Use different bit rate Oggs with the Join Wizard to produce a VBR Ogg for accurate playback of any number of joined Oggs.
Join Wizard

Catalog your Oggs for use in a MS Excel spreadsheet

Catalog information on your Oggs from your entire Ogg collection for use in your favourite program, including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Output can be customised to any file format including TXT/HTML/CSV files. The custom format is provided to allow you to produce your own output templates.

Use the powerful Digital Music Organiser features to allow you to limit the catalog information to specific ranges and types of Oggs.
Catalog Wizard

Convert your Oggs to WAV for use with your Audio CD Burner

Convert any Ogg to WAV with the Ogg -> WAV Wizard producing a 16-Bit 44Khz WAVE file, perfect for burning to an audio cd with your Audio CD Burner.

Drag and drop your Oggs onto the Ogg -> WAV Wizard for easy batch conversion of your Oggs to a new folder or beside each Ogg.

Converting of Oggs to WAV is fast and easy at x10 or greater than real-time performance on most modern PCs.
Ogg -> WAV

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